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Back to school

Is school absolutely essential amma?

– Asks my 11 year old very hopefully, as she reluctantly heads back to school.

Lazy summer holiday. Non stop fun with friends and cousins. What more can I say.

Miss me?

Me: That was a really long school trip.

Her: Yes amma, six nights and five days.

Me: Did you miss us? Were you homesick?

Her: You know when I really missed you amma? It was when we had to pack our bags at the end of the trip. My idea of packing was to separate everything into two piles and then dump everything into the rucksack. That’s when I missed you. Really really missed you!

– Oh well, at least she did say that she missed me. Even if it was only for my top secret, super scientific, expert packing skills.

Happy Diwali

Amma, I’ve got a new policy: Don’t worry, be happy and eat lots of coconut barfi!

It’s even got a nice rhyme to it, don’t you think?

– Life advice from my 10 year old daughter this Diwali.

Cough, cough

Me:                            *with a hacking cough and sore throat*

It was a cough, it was a cough,

It was a cough that took her off.

Older daughter:      *rolls her eyes*

Me:                            *continuing piteously*

It was a coffin, coffin,

It was a coffin they took her off in.

Younger daughter: Bye amma.

– When all you need is someone to give you a hug and make you a hot cup of tea, and instead all you get are unsympathetic brats.

What’s in a number

Her: I like 9+3= 12 better than 8+4=12.

Me: Really? Why?

Her: I feel 4 and 8 are capable of so much more.

Me: *I can’t even…*

– Only my math loving daughter would think of numbers as having personalities. Hope 4 and 8 live up to her expectations 🙂

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