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Different strokes

I don’t understand why I should do something “different” simply because everybody thinks you have to be different. What if it doesn’t interest me? I mean people say don’t be an engineer, do something different. But what if I want to be an engineer? I will not listen to others or do something if it is not in my interest area.


– Career musings from my pre-teen who might not know yet what she wants to be, but will defend to death her right to decide.

Down in the dumps

Me: What to do, I feel so down in the dumps.

Her: Climb out of it amma!

– Wisdom from my cheery little optimist.


Amma, if you quit when you are ahead,  you will never win the race. You should quit when you are done.

– Says the kiddo when I advise her to quit while she was ahead in our argument.

#Don’tRecognizeThisKidAnymore     #I’mCallingItQuits

Ads up, Ads down

I don’t know why companies advertise so aggressively. It’s not like we pay attention or anything. And it’s not like we are going to buy something just because we saw an ad on TV or Subway Surfer.

 – Marketers, beware of precocious 11 year olds 🙂

Blood will tell

Me: Weekend is almost over. Why does Monday have to come so quickly?

Her: But amma, Sunday is not yet over. Why don’t you enjoy it while it’s still here?

– Says my B+ve 8 year old.

Disclaimer – She’s my own flesh, but certainly not my blood 🙂

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