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Excel-lent news

I never thought Microsoft Excel could be used to do math. I always thought it was only used to plan vacations. Atleast that’s what amma does.

– Exclaims my 10 year old to her father, looking at me accusingly, as she discovers a whole new world with him.

All work and no play

Him: I will be home late today.

Me: Poor appa. All work and no play…

Kiddo: Amma, all work and no play increases appa’s salary!

– Cheeky kiddo sure has her comebacks down pat these days. Poor appa.



Conversation between my nine year old daughter and her father.

Appa: Make me some tea.

Her: Someday, appa. I’m not saying I’ll make it now, or tomorrow or later. But someday.

Appa: I’ll also send you to college someday. I’m not saying I’ll send you when you are ready to go or the year after. But someday.

Her: I’ll find some way to go to college. And I’ll find some way to become a billionaire. And then I won’t give you my money!

– Poor appa, there goes his retirement plan. He seems to keep getting outwitted again and again and yet again.

Work-wise part 2

Her: Appa, who is a CEO?

Appa: A Chief Executive Officer is the head of a company.

Her: So does a CEO execute the officers who don’t do their work properly?

– Methinks, the cheeky brat has her strategy for tripping up her father down pat. Nicely played, kiddo!


Kiddo: Appa, what do you do at office?

Appa: There are a lot of people in my office. I manage them, give them work and tell them what to do.

Kiddo: Oh, so they do all the work in your office. Then, besides giving work to other people, what do YOU actually do?

And beleaguered appa concedes yet another round!

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