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Miss me?

Me: That was a really long school trip.

Her: Yes amma, six nights and five days.

Me: Did you miss us? Were you homesick?

Her: You know when I really missed you amma? It was when we had to pack our bags at the end of the trip. My idea of packing was to separate everything into two piles and then dump everything into the rucksack. That’s when I missed you. Really really missed you!

– Oh well, at least she did say that she missed me. Even if it was only for my top secret, super scientific, expert packing skills.

The tooth fairy has left the building

Amma, my tooth fell today. With the new way of garbage segregation, which basket should I throw my tooth in – the organic waste, dry waste or the other reject waste?

– Asks my younger daughter, quite matter-of-factly. Sigh, no more tooth fairies – it’s the end of an era 🙁

Is she? Is she not?

Is she? Is she not?

And we finally put that question to rest.

I believe she is. By a quarter of an inch.

– Wild celebrations ensue as #DaughterIsTallerThanAmma

Beginning of the end

Heard on the news: This verdict means that people will get the confidence that we can fight corruption, that too in high places.

Kiddo: Or maybe, it means that people will now lose all confidence in their political leaders.

– And so it begins, the end of innocence.

All grown up


Ahem, I hope she is not quoting me.

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