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What’s in a number

Her: I like 9+3= 12 better than 8+4=12.

Me: Really? Why?

Her: I feel 4 and 8 are capable of so much more.

Me: *I can’t even…*

– Only my math loving daughter would think of numbers as having personalities. Hope 4 and 8 live up to her expectations 🙂

Excel-lent news

I never thought Microsoft Excel could be used to do math. I always thought it was only used to plan vacations. Atleast that’s what amma does.

– Exclaims my 10 year old to her father, looking at me accusingly, as she discovers a whole new world with him.

Happy birthday

Her: I’m glad I’m done with 11 amma.

Me: Why? What’s the big deal about 12?

Her: One, it’s not a prime number. Two, besides 1 & 12 it is divisible by 4 other numbers. And three, even numbers are feminine.

– There are many reasons to look forward to a birthday, but only my older daughter would have not one, but three mathematical and logical reasons.


Her: Amma, do you remember any Algebra from school?

Me: Maybe a little.

Her: If you don’t even remember most of what they taught you at school, then what is the use of it? Why do I have to learn Algebra?

– Note to @KhanAcademy: Pls do a video on “7 Reasons Why You NEED Algebra – A Parent’s Guide to Handling Backchat”

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