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Money, money, money

It’s always nice to have your parents’ hand in your business. A purely financial hand, not an executive hand.

– Says my older daughter on hearing about her cousin’s experiment with setting up a doughnut stall at her school fete. Parents’ money? Yes. Advice? No.



Man vs machine


I always thought that ATMs were just a front. I thought there’s a room behind the machine where a lot of people sit in rows with piles of money in front of them. So when we punch in the amount we want, a screen shows them that number. Then those people count and put the money into the back of the machine and it spits it out to us.

– Says my disappointed 9 year old on learning that the ATMs are just that, machines.



Take Note

One Rupee

“Is that a fake note?”

– Asks the kid who knows all about dollar bills (courtesy Monopoly) and coins (courtesy Subway Surfer), but can’t recognize a one rupee note.


Where there’s a will…

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Where there’s a bill, you have to pay!

Thought for the day, courtesy my precocious 10 year old

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