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Amma, if you quit when you are ahead,  you will never win the race. You should quit when you are done.

– Says the kiddo when I advise her to quit while she was ahead in our argument.

#Don’tRecognizeThisKidAnymore     #I’mCallingItQuits

Ads up, Ads down

I don’t know why companies advertise so aggressively. It’s not like we pay attention or anything. And it’s not like we are going to buy something just because we saw an ad on TV or Subway Surfer.

 – Marketers, beware of precocious 11 year olds 🙂


Kiddo: Appa, what do you do at office?

Appa: There are a lot of people in my office. I manage them, give them work and tell them what to do.

Kiddo: Oh, so they do all the work in your office. Then, besides giving work to other people, what do YOU actually do?

And beleaguered appa concedes yet another round!

Games we play

I never expected such an emphatic celebration from a person who was complaining just a few days ago that her husband was responsible for us getting hooked on to games on the iPad.

– says the sly kiddo on catching me doing the fist pump while playing TwoDots.


Why, oh why

Me: Why can’t you just accept something and do it because I said so and not keep asking questions?

Kid 1: It’s good to question, amma, so you can learn… 🙂

Kid 2: …and be knowledgeable and be a gyaani 🙂

– And now they are volleying back in tandem. Why, oh why!

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