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Free rides

Fathers are there to give daughters free rides!

Says my 10 year old who is too old to get a piggy back ride, but not too young to know how to wrap her father around her finger.


I’m also going to start writing about “Things My Parents Made Me Do”!

– Make her hang out the clothes? Check √

Retaliates my 10 year old with a mischievous gleam in her eye on seeing all the posts in Things My Kids Say.

Dress up

An evening spent playing dress up…

Me dressing up and the little one egging me on.

Her: No amma, you are not supposed to look like “amma”. You are supposed to look like a glamorous, stylish person.

Ouch. Bring out the war paint!

– – –

Much later, after it was all over…

Her: I’m not saying you look bad when you put on all that stuff. But now you look like good old amma.

Sigh. Why do I put myself through this?


You can force me to help amma hang out the clothes, but you can’t force me do it cheerfully!

My pugnacious 10 year old

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