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Down in the dumps

Me: What to do, I feel so down in the dumps.

Her: Climb out of it amma!

– Wisdom from my cheery little optimist.

Of cats and dogs

“Which do you like more, cats or dogs?”


“But why?”

“I just don’t like them or want them near me.”

“But why?”

“Maybe it’s because I am scared of them.”

“You know they are probably more scared of you than you are of them?”


– Hearing this conversation between my daughter and me, you’d find it hard to guess who the adult is and who is the child 🙂


The God of Everything

I do not particularly believe that there is a god, but I am not entirely dismissing the idea either. I guess for most people when things are not going too well, it is easier to blame it all on god, rather than say that they are responsible for it.

– Says my daughter, who can always be relied upon to cut right to the heart of the matter.

Beginning of the end

Heard on the news: This verdict means that people will get the confidence that we can fight corruption, that too in high places.

Kiddo: Or maybe, it means that people will now lose all confidence in their political leaders.

– And so it begins, the end of innocence.

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