Happy Mother’s Day

Her: What do you want for Mother’s Day, amma?

Me: Hmm, how about a clean house.

Her: I can give you gifts amma, not miracles!

#ThingsMyKidsSay #HappyMothersDay

School’s out

Me: If you don’t stop nagging me, I’m going to change the password for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Her: Amma, do you really want to lose your status as the best mother in the world?

 #School’sOut #WelcomeToTheSummerHolidays


Hairy days

Her: How was your day amma?

Me: I had such a busy day. I’m so frazzled. Can’t you see my hair sticking up everywhere.

Her: Chill amma… a calm mind leads to calm hair!

– Life and fashion advice all rolled into one, courtesy my newly minted teenager.

In protest

Me: Don’t get arrested

Her: I’ll try amma 🙄

– Advice to my 11 year old daughter as she steps out to join a protest rally

Things my kids make me do

Conversation with my 11 year old after we attended a great session on must-have skills for teenagers and almost teenagers.

Me: So many things for you to do and skills to learn…

Her: Amma, it’s not like you have it all. Remember the list that aunty made about how adults should have a mix of everything? Well, you have some things to do as well.

Me: Really? Are you saying I’m not perfect? Tell me one thing on that list that I am not.

Her: Irresponsible!

New life goals – become irresponsible! 😊

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