Sathya Ramaganapathy writes with an admirable ease, sensitivity and much humour on navigating the minefield called parenting. This is a book that most mothers, some fathers and all parents must read. The laugh a page is just a bonus.

Anita Nair

Sathya Ramaganapathy is an author who writes with a touch of everyday conversational style and that makes her writing endearing. And her humour turns it into a great read. 

The Tribune

In a world that is unkind to daughters and hostile to women, as mothers and women, we often feel a sense of dread, a sliver of anguish and a lot of anger, as we think of the futures of little girls and our own daughters. Ramaganapathy’s voice comes as a calm, cool balm in these distressing times. Here’s a mother writing about the absolute delights (and the hair-splitting despair) of bringing up two daughters, and wondering if she should adopt a third one. Or maybe she won’t because it’s a lot of work. That’s up to her. But just the fact that she’s put it out there in her book, in her writing, being vulnerable, while also being in control of the narrative, is immensely noteworthy.



It’s a war out there, and the kids are winning. They can download apps on your smartphone with deceptive ease, tell you who the Greek goddess of wisdom is and how to do a back-heel nutmeg (don’t ask). How is one ever to catch up, let alone get the upper hand?

It’s a Mom Thing: Kickass Parenting presents anecdotes from a mother and offers a light-hearted look at her parenting journey. The main protagonists are the mother, her two cheeky daughters, aged nine and eleven, and her long-suffering husband. Parenting is a veritable minefield in this household. Backchat, bad jokes and mischievous gleams in the eyes, pre-teen hormones and emotional meltdowns (of the parental variety) pop up frequently. Every day is fraught with danger. Revealing the affectionate, yet tumultuous relationship between the mother and her daughters who are growing up fast, the book falls in the parenting humour genre.

Published by Rupa Publications

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