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Enjoy maadi

Conversation with the kid as a new school year begins.

Me: So, what’s your game plan to conquer eighth grade?

Her: No game plan needed amma. I’m just going to enjoy it.

– Not quite the answer I was expecting. Now how is one to counter this? 🙂

Nicely played, kid.


Back to the basics

Why do we have to be so complicated and worry about things like feelings, ethics and morality? Why can’t we be like animals? Then the only thing we have to worry about is “I have to survive”.

I’m not saying it would be better, just that it would be easier.

– Existential musings of my newly minted teenager.

Can’t we just go back to the toddler years when the only question I had to worry about was “What’s for dinner?”.

Money, money, money

It’s always nice to have your parents’ hand in your business. A purely financial hand, not an executive hand.

– Says my older daughter on hearing about her cousin’s experiment with setting up a doughnut stall at her school fete. Parents’ money? Yes. Advice? No.



The tooth fairy has left the building

Amma, my tooth fell today. With the new way of garbage segregation, which basket should I throw my tooth in – the organic waste, dry waste or the other reject waste?

– Asks my younger daughter, quite matter-of-factly. Sigh, no more tooth fairies – it’s the end of an era 🙁

Happy Valentine’s Day

Her: Amma what are you and appa doing for Valentine’s day?

Me: Nothing.

Her: I hope you are atleast planning to go out in the evening?

Me: I’m impressed that you think we are young enough to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Her: Amma, there is no age limit for love.

– Wise words? Or maybe the kid is just trying her best to get us out of the house so she can watch some TV.

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