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Money, money, money

It’s always nice to have your parents’ hand in your business. A purely financial hand, not an executive hand.

– Says my older daughter on hearing about her cousin’s experiment with setting up a doughnut stall at her school fete. Parents’ money? Yes. Advice? No.



Happy Valentine’s Day

Her: Amma what are you and appa doing for Valentine’s day?

Me: Nothing.

Her: I hope you are atleast planning to go out in the evening?

Me: I’m impressed that you think we are young enough to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Her: Amma, there is no age limit for love.

– Wise words? Or maybe the kid is just trying her best to get us out of the house so she can watch some TV.

Of selfies

Her: Amma did you click any pictures on your trip to Mumbai?
Me: Come look, I clicked so many. Appa and I were trying so desperately to get a good selfie of ourselves at the Gateway of India.
Her: Amma, selfies are an our generation thing. I would be surprised if you got a good one 🙂

– Just exactly how old does the cheeky brat think we are? Besides, the only reason we came away with nary a good selfie is due to the fact that there was too much sunlight, too little elbow space, too many people jostling…

All work and no play

Him: I will be home late today.

Me: Poor appa. All work and no play…

Kiddo: Amma, all work and no play increases appa’s salary!

– Cheeky kiddo sure has her comebacks down pat these days. Poor appa.


Older and wiser

Me: You should listen to me. I do know more.

Her: Yes amma. I know. Old people are wiser.

– Ouch! I suppose claiming to be young at heart won’t really cut it?

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