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Arsenic may have gained notoriety as a deadly poison, but it is useful in many more ways than just to bump off your nearest relative so that you can inherit a huge fortune!

Entry from my older daughter’s Chemistry project.

Should I be worried? Not that I have a huge fortune, but still…

Mission impossible

Her: Amma, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come to our school this evening and pick us up after sports day.

Me: But what about my Sunday afternoon nap?

Her: This message will self-destruct in five, four, three…

– Somebody has been keeping up with Hollywood, it seems. What’s more, somebody knows just the right thing to say to convince her mother 😉

Hurry up

Have you had your bath? Why are you still reading the paper? Look at the time. If you don’t start getting ready right now, you are going to be late. Hurry up…

– The occupational hazards of being a mom. This morning I caught myself telling off my husband. It took a couple seconds to realize that he, unlike my kids,  did not have to be prodded to make it on time to office. Lucky for me, he has a sense of humor 🙂

Man vs machine


I always thought that ATMs were just a front. I thought there’s a room behind the machine where a lot of people sit in rows with piles of money in front of them. So when we punch in the amount we want, a screen shows them that number. Then those people count and put the money into the back of the machine and it spits it out to us.

– Says my disappointed 9 year old on learning that the ATMs are just that, machines.



Work-wise part 2

Her: Appa, who is a CEO?

Appa: A Chief Executive Officer is the head of a company.

Her: So does a CEO execute the officers who don’t do their work properly?

– Methinks, the cheeky brat has her strategy for tripping up her father down pat. Nicely played, kiddo!

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