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Cough, cough

Me:                            *with a hacking cough and sore throat*

It was a cough, it was a cough,

It was a cough that took her off.

Older daughter:      *rolls her eyes*

Me:                            *continuing piteously*

It was a coffin, coffin,

It was a coffin they took her off in.

Younger daughter: Bye amma.

– When all you need is someone to give you a hug and make you a hot cup of tea, and instead all you get are unsympathetic brats.

What’s in a number

Her: I like 9+3= 12 better than 8+4=12.

Me: Really? Why?

Her: I feel 4 and 8 are capable of so much more.

Me: *I can’t even…*

– Only my math loving daughter would think of numbers as having personalities. Hope 4 and 8 live up to her expectations 🙂

Excel-lent news

I never thought Microsoft Excel could be used to do math. I always thought it was only used to plan vacations. Atleast that’s what amma does.

– Exclaims my 10 year old to her father, looking at me accusingly, as she discovers a whole new world with him.

Amma the Great

Me: Can you help me set the table?

Her: Done amma.

Me: You didn’t set a place for me? You forgot me! How could you forget me? What would you do without me, your Amma the Great?

Her: I’ve heard that the thing that makes people great is their modesty.

Cheeky brat!

Enjoy maadi

Conversation with the kid as a new school year begins.

Me: So, what’s your game plan to conquer eighth grade?

Her: No game plan needed amma. I’m just going to enjoy it.

– Not quite the answer I was expecting. Now how is one to counter this? 🙂

Nicely played, kid.


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