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Hairy days

Her: How was your day amma?

Me: I had such a busy day. I’m so frazzled. Can’t you see my hair sticking up everywhere.

Her: Chill amma… a calm mind leads to calm hair!

– Life and fashion advice all rolled into one, courtesy my newly minted teenager.

Things my kids make me do

Conversation with my 11 year old after we attended a great session on must-have skills for teenagers and almost teenagers.

Me: So many things for you to do and skills to learn…

Her: Amma, it’s not like you have it all. Remember the list that aunty made about how adults should have a mix of everything? Well, you have some things to do as well.

Me: Really? Are you saying I’m not perfect? Tell me one thing on that list that I am not.

Her: Irresponsible!

New life goals – become irresponsible! ?

Back to school

Is school absolutely essential amma?

– Asks my 11 year old very hopefully, as she reluctantly heads back to school.

Lazy summer holiday. Non stop fun with friends and cousins. What more can I say.

Happy Diwali

Amma, I’ve got a new policy: Don’t worry, be happy and eat lots of coconut barfi!

It’s even got a nice rhyme to it, don’t you think?

– Life advice from my 10 year old daughter this Diwali.

Enjoy maadi

Conversation with the kid as a new school year begins.

Me: So, what’s your game plan to conquer eighth grade?

Her: No game plan needed amma. I’m just going to enjoy it.

– Not quite the answer I was expecting. Now how is one to counter this? 🙂

Nicely played, kid.


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