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Happy Diwali

Amma, I’ve got a new policy: Don’t worry, be happy and eat lots of coconut barfi!

It’s even got a nice rhyme to it, don’t you think?

– Life advice from my 10 year old daughter this Diwali.

Enjoy maadi

Conversation with the kid as a new school year begins.

Me: So, what’s your game plan to conquer eighth grade?

Her: No game plan needed amma. I’m just going to enjoy it.

– Not quite the answer I was expecting. Now how is one to counter this? 🙂

Nicely played, kid.


Back to the basics

Why do we have to be so complicated and worry about things like feelings, ethics and morality? Why can’t we be like animals? Then the only thing we have to worry about is “I have to survive”.

I’m not saying it would be better, just that it would be easier.

– Existential musings of my newly minted teenager.

Can’t we just go back to the toddler years when the only question I had to worry about was “What’s for dinner?”.


Me: Don’t disturb me for some time. I have to finish writing this chapter. I am on a deadline.

Her: Amma, you cannot put a time frame on art. It does not allow you to be free to create.

– Ah the innocence. And the many joys of not being an adult.

Different strokes

I don’t understand why I should do something “different” simply because everybody thinks you have to be different. What if it doesn’t interest me? I mean people say don’t be an engineer, do something different. But what if I want to be an engineer? I will not listen to others or do something if it is not in my interest area.


– Career musings from my pre-teen who might not know yet what she wants to be, but will defend to death her right to decide.

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